Tips and basic information for the best sound

Music in the sales area and catering areas can create a positive atmosphere. Guests and / or customers no longer feel alone with their background sounds. In addition, music provides a great way to overlay annoying sounds and to relax the customers.


In order to produce an optimal sound, one should consider the following elements:

  • Number of speakers and application

Due to our special 360° loudspeaker technology, fewer audio systems are required to produce a uniform sound image in all listening positions.

The number of loudspeakers depends not only on the ceiling height, but also on the desired application area.

  • Background music for stores / shops / standard sales areas

Height of speakers over 3m: 2 speakers per 100 qm
Height of speakers below 3m: 3 speakers per 100qm

  • Background music for restaurants, pizzeria, cafeteria and general gastronomy

3 speakers per 100qm

  • Background music for bar and “animated / noisy” premises in general

4 speakers per 100qm

  • Optimising the acoustics of the room

The Newtec loudspeaker technology achieves 360° homogenous sound propagation. This is the reason why every room can be optimally and properly matched with the NewTec speakers.


Layout Position of the speakers:

NewTec Layout Position Lautsprecher

View of the volume level of the room:

NewTec Ansicht Lautstärke im Raum

Perfect sound distribution: no audible level fluctuations (+/- 2dB):

NewTec Perfekter Klangteppich

Room height: 4,00m
Ear height: 1,70m
Network Voltage: 70,7V
Power consumption: 110W


All speakers have the same volume setting after installation. In the case of standard loudspeakers, various zones are formed and wired (e.g., entrance, cash register, locker, etc.) to adjust the volume separately in these areas.

With the NewTec WiFi speakers, on the other hand, you can even adjust the desired volume of each individual loudspeaker, which can also be used to correct acoustic features of the room. It is like a kind of “fine adjustment” adapted to the peculiarities of the space and its use. The total loudness is then raised or lowered by a single master volume controller.


  • Emotions through the use of a subwoofer

For the generation of emotions we recommend the use of a subwoofer. Subwoofers are important to pass all low frequencies. These frequencies are also those which produce the full, saturated, three-dimensional effects. Deep tones are felt more than heard.

A single subwoofer ranges from 200 to 250 square meters. The NewTec subwoofers give all music sources a solid bass foundation. They are the perfect addition to the crystal clear music and voice reproduction of the speakers with a soothing bass to underline it.

More info about subwoofers here.


If you need support in planning for projects to be realised, you can simply send us a corresponding plan of your shop/premises as a pdf file at and we will be glad to provide you with a non-binding and customised audio solution for your application.