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The international fashion and lifestyle company Strellson designs, produces and distributes premium fashion for ambitious and stylish men. The collections of the fashion company can be found in almost forty countries around the world.

The company is part of the Holy Fashion Group, which also includes the brands Joop! And Windsor, who also produce and market women ‘s fashion.


Lighting channels with recessed tracks

The most elegant solution in such an environment with elegant ceilings and light channels is to let the loudspeakers “disappear” in these channels. In contrast to conventionally suspended light beams, light channels are cutouts in the ceiling, in which a light rail is sunk, in order to fix the corresponding lighting there. The result is an even ceiling, from which no lighting or sounding elements project into the room. The mass of the CONO canto takes exactly this into account and is exactly matched to this circumstance with a diameter of 135 mm and a depth of 150 mm. Even the new subwoofer SUB canto WiFi owes this fact, its structural features with a height and width of 150 mm each. The insert is possible in all common standard 3-phase rails, e.g. Those of Nordic Aluminum and Eutrac.

At various Strellson shops, e.g. In Ottawa, Canada, the CONO canto are recessed flush into the ceiling in such channels. Inconspicuously, they fit into the building walls and are not seen or recognised as such.

Different loudspeaker volume in various areas

A special feature, which can be achieved with cable solutions by means of suitable amplifier technology, bring the WiFi solutions from home. It is possible to separate different business areas, e.g. entrance area, cash desk or dressing room, and thus create an ideal atmosphere depending on the acoustic characteristics of the respective areas.

Cable and WiFi projects

The loudspeaker models meet all design requirements for the challenges of architecture in business. Both audio solutions – cable and WiFi – have their advantages, depending on the room layout, application, etc. Certain conditions, such as large interlaced areas, no possibility to route cables, or a wider range of the audio signal, can justify the choice of the audio system.

You will find our sound systems in the following shops: Karlsruhe, Berlin, Konstanz, Straubing, Trier, Düsseldorf, Zweibrücken, Montabaur (Germany), Roppenheim (France), Zurich (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), Roermond (The Netherlands), Toronto, Vancouver, Yorkdale, Ottawa (Canada) and many more!

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