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NewTec offers loudspeaker systems for high-quality background music, especially in retail environments


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The advantages of NewTec Design:Audio

The NewTec 360° Sound technology enables even sound distribution throughout the room and ensures that you can enjoy the sound to the full.

The globally protected 360° sound principle by NewTec creates a room-filling sound carpet for all listening positions, ensuring optimal sound quality everywhere.

The speakers are not recognized as “boxes” due to their design and seamlessly blend with any architecture.

Compared to conventional systems, a NewTec sound system requires 40% fewer individual speakers – while simultaneously achieving a significantly better sound result.

With the wireless SMART Audio solution, speaker systems are easily mounted and effortlessly operated.

NewTec offers a variety of mounting options for its systems, which can be seamlessly integrated into any architecture, thus enabling a flexible and inconspicuous installation.

All products are sustainably produced at locations in Germany.

What our customers say

"Simply super - easy installation and great sound!"

Marcel Dallach

inCB Fashion

"Design and sound quality speak for themselves."

Christian Fallmann


"We were immediately impressed by the high sound quality and the look of the systems. We were impressed by the support right from the start. Our high expectations were even exceeded as a result."

Frank Schellhardt

Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar

"Better than in your own living room!"

Markus Finke

Intersport Finke


EDEKA sales staff


"Different sound and room moods for a variety of feel-good experiences, great!"

Niklas Larsson


„Great sound and a great partner for our stores“

Yann Pierre-Jean

Karl Lagerfeld

“The flexibility of the NewTec system convinced us from the very beginning.”

Elmar Tapfer