Project – Karl Lagerfeld in Roermond & Provence

KARL LAGERFELD’s expanding network includes over 80 mono-brand points of sale worldwide, plus a premium wholesale presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

This year has seen for instance the opening of several stores in Europe such as in Roermond in the Netherlands or in Miramas in France.

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is globally renowned for his cutting-edge, aspirational and relevant approach to style. It was only fitting to combine the design of NewTec loudspeakers into these shops.

NewTec active sound system

As lighting tracks were already installed, the CONO canto WiFi was the natural choice. Its easy installation into all commercially available 3-phase power rails without any cables and its perfect adaptation to the architecture and design of the store and to the look of the ceiling are among the qualities of the speaker.

The soft sound of the CONO canto WiFi creates a pleasant, soothing atmosphere from soft background music to precise playback in HiFi quality thanks to the 360° technology of the NewTec loudspeakers. The generated sound carpet ensures a constant sound pressure level, ie a constant intensity in the entire room.

To complement and enhance the quality of the sound, the SUB canto WiFi is optimal to create a multi-dimensional sound and therefore create emotions to the customers. This is brand new and unique product also aiming at an optimal integration into 3 phase tracks. His extreme efficiency ensures that large areas are supplied with pleasant low frequencies.


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Photos: Karl Lagerfeld