NewTec WiFi is becoming NewTec SMART

Even more flexible, even simpler, infinitely scalable!

For us at NewTec, SMART Audio means a wireless audio solution that makes the work of planners and media companies far easier, bringing customers the perfect sound – with a system that meets all their requirements and is extremely easy to use.

The loudspeakers are now available in all models to match any architecture – built-in, ceiling-mounted, on power rails, suspended, or wall-mounted. And regardless of whether they are wireless, wired, or mixed.

The slogan of the new SMART line is: “Simply LIMITLESS, limitlessly SIMPLE”. From the smallest shop to the most complex centre or hotel, the system is infinitely scalable. All that needs to be done at first is to plan the position of the loudspeakers within the room and supply them with power. Transmitter and loudspeaker set-up then takes place fully automatically. Done!

You can now adapt the music system to your own special requirements via an easy-to-use WebApp. Here you don’t need to install any software or anything from app stores, nor do you need any specialized IT knowledge. All you do is call up the pre-set address of the transmitter in your browser – and that’s it. That’s why the system works with any end-device at all – whether PC, tablet or smartphone.

Here it’s irrelevant how many speakers are grouped into which groups and how many music sources they need to feed. The system can be started with just a part of the rooms requiring sound, and gradually scaled further later on. It works without a problem.

Each different music source requires only one SMARTplayer, which transmits the music to the SMART loudspeakers in interference-free 1.9 Ghz radio technology. Via the SMARTstreamer, the music can be transmitted via the in-house network to the SMARTplayer, enabling even very large installations such as entire shopping centres or large hotels to be perfectly supplied with high-quality music. Here, each loudspeaker and each group can be individually controlled using the NewTec SMART WebApp, as can sound properties such as bass and treble.

If the music in certain areas needs to be switched to a different genre at a certain time, or the volume has to be increased due to a larger number of visitors, such processes can be set up fully automatically with the NewTec SMART Control App on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. If you still want to intervene individually for any reason, this of course is always possible anytime, after which the audio system reverts to normal mode.

It is every bit as ideal as it sounds – and it’s been available from Newtec SMART Audio since November 2020.

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