Why do you need a subwoofer?


Whether for a business, a hotel lounge or a living room, the quality of the sound is essential. To achieve an optimal result, a subwoofer is generally recommended. But why?

What is a Subwoofer?
A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that can reproduce very low bass frequencies.

Why do you need a subwoofer?
Subwoofers are important to pass all low frequencies. These frequencies are also those that produce the full, rich, three-dimensional effects. Deep sounds are often felt much more than heard.

We, from NewTec, recommend the use of a subwoofer for optimal sounding and generation of the emotions. A subwoofer is sufficient for every 200-250 m², depending on the architecture.

The active NewTec SUB quadro WiFi subwoofer gives all music sources a solid bass foundation and is thus the perfect addition to the CONO WiFi series. The subwoofer is designed for wall mounting, but can also be placed on the floor under furniture pieces. The transmission range is from 33 to 200 Hz for a particularly realistic feeling of deep bass frequencies. The transition frequency can be controlled in the range between 80 and 200 Hz.

Exclusive: the best bass sound in busbars!
The SUB canto WiFi is a brand new and unique product which will be presented exclusively at the fair. It aims at an optimal integration into 3 phase tracks. With a simple and straightforward design, colour-matched to the busbars, it can be easily integrated into the optics of the light structure due to its small size. His extreme efficiency ensures that large areas are supplied with pleasant low frequencies. With WiFi technology no wiring is necessary and the installation takes no time!

Available in black and white

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