How to test a loudspeaker

Sometimes certain songs have internal musical components that cannot be discerned with simple loudspeakers such as those of our phones or laptops. Specific details can only be recognised by good speakers coupled with a good subwoofer.

Melodies are like words. We arrange words to sentences, give them a meaning, but if we cannot read properly, we will not be able to understand them, let alone find spelling errors. So, how do we read music, how to we recognise the notes?

To be honest, we can’t, at least not without a correct musical education or a particularly gifted ear; But we can use well-known songs to evaluate the speakers we are using. First, we need songs with high-quality production, knowing that the song will allow us to distinguish with less difficulty the various elements of the music. For example, bass is an essential element in any musical composition. Even if we cannot recognise them, they are there; sometimes it is just a matter of having the right equipment. Bass sounds are like the delicate brushstrokes of the picture, adding subtle tones to the music, like the sound of a stringed instrument in a piano concert. Basses are difficult to reproduce; they are part of the spectrum of sounds that only the right loudspeaker and subwoofer can generate.

If you don’t know which song to choose to check the quality of your equipment, we offer you this list to serve as an inspiration, but generally it is important to use musical themes that we know well:

Malamente- Cap. 1: Augurio; (El mal querer – 2019) Rosalia: This a conceptual piece that tells the story of a 14th-century book, “Flamenca.” It is full of details in harmony, melody, and production that are fascinating to analyse. This song is a fusion between Flamenco and Trap; it is interesting because the melody contains bass sounds which are not easy to hear unless played on the right loudspeaker.

Rolling in the deep; (Rolling in the deep -2010) Adele: This song allows you to evaluate the heights of your equipment.

Hold the line; (Toto – 1978) Toto: This song is the perfect example to measure dynamic range.

No sanctuary Here; (Roadhouses& Automobiles – 2003) Chris Jones: This song allows an evaluation of the dynamic range of the speakers as well as the entire frequency spectrum.

In the air tonight; (Face Value -1981) Phil Collins: It is perfect to evaluate the pulse behaviour and the heights.

I will remember; (Tambu – 1995) Toto: It’s ideal for checking deep centres.

What song would you propose to analyse our equipment?