WebApp: Simple, innovative, sound system under control


The NewTec SMART Audio WebApp gives you ultra-simple control over your sound system - anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to adjust the volume, rename the wireless speakers or assign them to individual zones, all it takes is just a few clicks.


Your music system is there for you, anytime and anywhere


With the NewTec SMART Audio WebApp you can control your sound system from any smartphone, tablet or computer. All you need is access to the WLAN and you’ll already have full access to all the details and settings of your wireless speakers.

Independently of any device, the WebApp runs in the browser of your smartphone, tablet or computer. No need for any download.

Ultra-simple to use

The NewTec SMART Audio WebApp makes it totally easy to setup your sound system. It’s all absolutely clear, intuitive and easy to understand - even the finest details of your speakers can be individually set here.



No matter how customized your set-up is, the WebApp gives you a simple overview of all speakers, zones and rooms.

With just a single swipe you can, for example, adjust the volume of the entire system, or mute it for a short time.

In the WebApp, you can easily divide your SMART Audio speakers into individual groups and make them play music individually. How about quiet and relaxing music in all corridors of a hotel, funny children's songs in the indoor playground, and soft guitar sounds in the lobby?

The WebApp makes it easier than ever to implement a complete sound concept and to adapt it again as often as you like.


Would you like to adapt the settings of your speakers even more individually to your customers? You can do just that in the WebApp – simply and easily editing all audio settings apart from loudspeaker level.

The WebApp also gives you previously unknown freedom – because you can conveniently access your system externally any time you like.




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