NewTec SMART Audio for any business

SMART Audio from NewTec is smarter, simpler and more individual than anything that has come before. Use your sound system to enter a new era of sound that is incomparably good, and can be adapted incredibly easily to all your wishes. Regardless of whether it’s a small shop, a large restaurant or a complex large-scale project, SMART Audio is infinitely scalable – and always easy to use.


Easy control with the intuitive NewTec SMART Audio WebApp

Controlling your sound system has never been so simple! With our intuitive WebApp you can adapt your NewTec SMART Audio speakers precisely according to your needs.
Whether it’s the volume, the audio source or the individual designation of individual wireless speakers, you are in complete control. With the help of the WebApp you can group your loudspeakers into individual zones and, for example, adjust the volume or the music with just one movement. You can access the WebApp via any conventional smartphone or tablet computer.

You can also access your sound system externally – from anywhere and at any time. Read more


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