Striking the right note

Music in the sales area can create a positive mood. With background sounds, the customer no longer feels alone and observed. In addition, music provides a great way to overlay disturbing noises, to relax the hustle or bustle of customers. It affects the sense of time and “plays” with waiting times – for example at the cash registers. A scientific study by the University of Vienna demonstrates an increased willingness to buy when NewTec loudspeakers are used for background music.

42 % higher readiness to assume risks
21 % higher willigness for impulse buyings

Psychoacoustic Phenomena

Background of the study was to find answers to the following questions:

– Is it harder to locate the sound when playing music from NewTec speakers?
– Do different speakers influence your product preferences?
– Do different speakers have an influence on the willingness to take risks?
– Is the difference in the quality of speakers noticeable for people?

The study showed that the sound of NewTec speakers is difficult to locate and exert a significant influence on human behavior.

Looking for more information? Just click here, to receive the brochure “NewTec speakers optimize selling space” with a summary of the study results.

Music should fit the goods

Classical music makes them appear “more valuable” to the customer. It is thus not only the – alleged – music preference of the customers, but also how well it fits with the goods offer, which is decisive. Broader product groups are highlighted and staged in the retail sector by means of paints and special lighting. This can be supported by digital playback with the right sound.

Important for a positive shopping experience is above all the quality of the sound – for this the loudspeakers are a decisive component… Speakers from NewTec Design:Audio produce a unique sound experience thanks to its 360° technology. This leads to a longer dwell time of customers in the shop and increases the subjective attractivity of your offer.


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