Innovative 360° Speaker Technology

NewTec active sound system

An even distribution of sound within a room allows the generation of a constant sound for all listening positions. The human ear notices any sound pressure level changes and sound fields produced by “hot spots” (focused areas with high sound pressure level) and “cold spots” (areas with low noise level).Thanks to the 360 ° technology of the NewTec loudspeakers, a pleasant, even background sound can be achieved. The generated sound carpet ensures a constant sound pressure level, ie a constant intensity in the entire room. High frequencies can also be less easily localised.
Thus, a well-being atmosphere can be generated by sound alone.
NewTec 360° speaker technology

The following measurement by the IFAA (Institute of Acoustics and Audio Technology) illustrates the 360° sound dispersion of NewTec loudspeakers. All listening positions around the speakers have the same sound pressure level, thereby providing a uniform sound.

Through this technical feature less loudspeaker systems are needed to distribute evenly all information and frequencies across the room.

Great sound everywhere…

Traditional sound systems:
Due to the immense directional effect “Hot spots” and “Cold Spots” are created (soundshower)

NewTec 360° sound technology:
The unique membrane technology distributes all sound information and frequencies homogeneous in a wide range

Benefits of NewTec Sound

Active acoustics create more communicative spaces.
Comprehensible acoustics enhance well-being.
Qualitative background music creates the desired atmosphere.
Omnidirectional systems produce room-filling and pleasant sound.