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NewTec SMART Audio marks the start of a new era of wireless management of loudspeakers and public address systems. Using connected sound systems to respond to individual needs – that’s what the future holds. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, shop, office, surgery, fitness studio, night club or an entire shopping mall - as soon as several rooms need to be given different sound levels, conventional sound systems reach their limits. SMART Audio from NewTec is the innovative answer here. This multiroom system can supply rooms of any size with an unlimited number of wireless loudspeakers – there are no cables at all, and everything is really easy and intuitive

 The ideal solution to fill your company with sound - guaranteed simple, flexible & limitless!



The advantages of NewTec SMART Audio


The NewTec 360° loudspeaker technology creates a completely homogeneous soundscape at all times – for sound that fills the room in uniquely excellent quality.


As many Speakers as you need

You can connect as many multiroom speakers as you like with just one device. So easily can you give the optimal effect to your sound.


Unlimited number of Zones

An app allows you to set up unlimited audio zones so that each room gets its own individual flair.


Infinite Audio sources

At any time you can connect different audio sources and bring music for any occasion.


Boundless Flexibility

Various requirements and functions can be controlled on a flexible and user-friendly app directly on your own smartphone or tablet.


NewTec SMART Audio – the perfect solution for every business


NewTec SMART Audio can be adapted to your business premises modularly and completely individually. Regardless of whether you want to fill a small shop, a large restaurant or a gigantic shopping centre with sound. NewTec SMART Audio fits to all your wishes and is always easy and professional to use.





NewTec SMART Audio answers all your needs – and is always very easy and professional to use.




Timeless design that sounds as good as it looks


Find the right loudspeaker for every situation in our broad range of models. No matter whether you’re looking for ceiling speakers, wall speakers or pendant speakers, we have the right wireless speaker to suit your needs.




Easy control with the intuitive NewTec SMART Audio WebApp


Controlling your sound system has never been so simple! With our intuitive WebApp you can adapt your NewTec SMART Audio speakers precisely according to your needs.

Whether it’s the volume, the audio source or the individual designation of individual wireless speakers, you are in complete control. With the help of the WebApp you can group your loudspeakers into individual zones and, for example, adjust the volume or the music with just one movement. You can access the WebApp via any conventional smartphone or tablet computer.

You can also access your sound system externally – from anywhere and at any time.




Do you want the music to change each day at the same time, to change the volume, or fade out gradually? No problem! The NewTec SMART Control App takes care of that!

We’ve packed the complex requirements of major projects into a clear and intuitive app design for your smartphone or tablet:
- Assignment of different music
- Individual settings such as treble, bass or volume for each speaker
- Set-up of special audio zones
- Programming of fully-automated processes

You can control a large number of rooms with different zones and countless wireless speakers fully automatically - thanks to the NewTec SMART Control app.





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