Your main benefits with NewTec

Great sound everywhere

The innovative 360° sound technology of NewTec creates a space-filling sound carpet ensuring the same sound quality for all listening positions.


Crystal clear voices

The high-quality NewTec loudspeakers ensure excellent voice quality – ideal for playback of product recommendations.


Less is more

Compared to conventional systems, you need 40% fewer speakers with NewTec – with a significantly better sound experience.


Great flexibility

NewTec systems are available with many different installation options. They can be integrated into almost any architectural concept.


In tune with nature

The aluminum membrane used by NewTec creates a particularly harmonious natural sound. Ideal for playing natural sounds at the POS.


Symbiosis of Light and Sound

For a better room design, the sound system of NewTec optimally combines good sound and latest lighting technology.


Symbiosis of Limitless possibilities

NewTec SMART Audio offers limitless possibilities to arrange your sound system wireless. The perfect system to integrate easily high quality sound into your business.