With the SMARTinstallation KIT you always have everything with you in a mobile and compact form to install the SMART Audio products using NewTec WebApp regardless of the IT situation on site and to configure them according to customer requirements. You have your own WLAN access point with you so that you can either access a SMARTplayer directly from your mobile phone, tablet or similar, or to establish access to the local network for your mobile phone, tablet or similar without additional login data. The power bank included in the delivery also allows you to choose your position in the building without having to rely on existing power sockets.

Delivery content:

1 x DHCP Router (preconfigured)
1 x WLAN Access Point (preconfigured)
1 x Power bank for mobile power of Router/Accesspoint
1 x Charging adapter USB 100-240 VAC/ 5V DC – 1A
1 x Power adapter for the router 220 VAC
1 x USB cable to power plug
1 x RCA to Jack 3,5 mm cable
1 x Ethernet patch cable
1 x NewTec remote control incl. batteries
1 x NewTec Hard Case 35 cm x 23 cm x 8,5 cm
1 x Connection diagram


Data sheet