NewTec Mute Switch

Signal interruption for announcements of evacuation systems

In sales areas, the use of evacuation or fire alarm systems is prescribed for emergencies of a certain importance. These systems are 100% fail-safe and designed for emergency use.
So that the voice announcements are understood in the best possible way in case of emergency, it is mandatory to interrupt the music transmission and to transmit the announcements via the music system to facilitate the evacuation.
For this purpose, the NewTec Emergency Switchover Unit is the perfect solution. You can easily interrupt your own music system and play the announcements of evacuation systems clearly and understandably on your own speakers. The unit is easy to install and can be used by the in-house evacuation system of a shopping center for instance.
An emergency evacuation system should interrupt the transmission of the music, a mute circuit is the perfect solution. The speech output for the signal interruption and transmission of evacuation systems is clear and comprehensible via the loudspeakers.


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