SUB quadro WiFi

SUB quadro WiFi

Full bass for any room - even under demanding acoustic conditions.

The active SUB quadro WiFi gives all music sources a solid bass foundation and is therefore the perfect complement to the CONO WiFi wireless speakers. This model is a downfire subwoofer which distributes the sound towards the floor or the wall in order to achieve the highest possible sound pressure on the space structure. Any number of subwoofers can be used. The subwoofer is designed for wall mounting, but can also be placed on the floor under a piece of furniture.    
Technical Data
SUB quadro WiFi

Type Active Subwoofer controlable with the NewTec WiFi Transmitter
Principle Downfire, Bassreflex
Colours White - Black
Dimensions (lxLxH) 41 cm x 43 cm x 15,5 cm
Weight 9.2 kg
Case material Wood
Equipment 200 mm wave-pinciple
Nominal/ Music power 60/120 Watt RMS
Transmission rate WiFi 2,4 Ghz
Frequency response 33….200 Hz
Crossover frequency 80...200 Hz (adjustable)
Power Supply AC 110-220V
Note Suitable for floor- and wall mount
Adjustable crossover recommended on 100 Hz