NewTec SMARTplayer

Interference-free wireless music in HiFi quality

The NewTec SMARTplayer presents the wireless connection from the audio source to the NewTec SMART loudspeakers. The audio source can be fed into the SMARTplayer analogously at the input sockets or digitally over the network. Any number of SMARTplayers can operate simultaneously and can again control any number of loudspeakers. In addition to the simplest operation through a supplied remote control, the SMARTplayer also offers the possibility to make further settings via web interface. Thanks to the newly developed audio codec, the audio signal with 48 kHz and 16 bits in absolute top quality in the free 1.9GHz band becomes almost latency-free and absolutely synchronous to all loudspeakers. Two optimally tuned directly installed radio antennas guarantee trouble-free music transmission as well as an improved range of 50-120m depending on conditions. To bridge longer distances of the audio signal, for example, when the music source is in the server room in the basement, a SMARTstreamer can be used. The SMARTstreamer distributes the audio signal on the local network (LAN) to one or more SMARTplayers. When using several SMART players, the system can also be supplemented with a SmartHUB, which combines the functions of each individual SMARTplayer and thus combines all devices into one control unit. Operation via iOS app is easy. In addition, other functions such as remote maintenance with a SmartHUB are possible.  
Technical Data
NewTec SMARTplayer

Term NewTec SMARTplayer
Application Wireless transmitter for NewTec SMART Audio Systems
Enclosure ASA painted
Dimensions (WxLxH) 14 x 4 x 11,5 cm
Weight 240 gr.
Connection 1 x LAN: Ethernet port RJ45, 100Mbit/s
1 x RCA Stereo IN (Cinch)
1 x Potential-free contact (for MUTE Switch)
1 x Infrared
3 x RGB LEDs for status display
An access point is required for WLAN access

Protection class IP20
Radio frequency 1,9 Ghz n-DECT
Transmission 48.000 Hz/16Bit (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Power consumption Max. 5 Watt
Features Analog and digital audio input
Online web streams can be played directly
Infrared remote control for easy control
Web interface for detailed settings
Unrestricted integration of NewTec loudspeakers
Wireless firmware update of the speakers (OTA)
SD card (memory for backup music if online stream is not available)
Fully automatic pairing mode
No internet connection or software required for installation
Easy installation
Reset function - restore factory settings
Power supply 100-240V AC / 5V DC 1.000 mA
Article code 200705
Delivery content NewTec SMARTplayer
Power supply (5 V 1 A)
Quick setup guide
Remote control (inkl. 2 x AAA Batteries)