NewTec SMARThub

Control center for fully automated music playback

The NewTec SMARThub  is the control center of the NewTec SMART Audio System. It is used to manage zones, scenes, timers, and device configurations. Any number of SMARTplayers can be connected via network, which in turn control any number of speakers. Since the communication between  SMARThub  and  SMARTplayer takes place over the network, it is possible to travel long distances within the installation.
For buildings where the highest reliability of the audio system is required, the  SMARThub can be used in redundant design to achieve maximum resilience. The SMARThub system consists of a network switch and two control servers, which also act as routers at the same time. If the first control server fails, the second one seamlessly takes control. In conjunction with our remote maintenance service, our service team will receive an email notification about the system health and can respond accordingly.

Technical Data

Term NewTec SMARThub
Application Central Control Unit for NewTec Smart Audio System
Dimensions (WxHxD) Rack 19" 1HE
Weight 2.400 gr.
Connection 3 x LAN: Ethernet Port RJ45, 100Mbit/s
2 x USB
1 x SerialService Port
1 x Power plug (cold device plug)
An access point is required for WLAN access
Protection class IP20
Power consumption Max. 25 Watt
Features Powerful control software in combination with
iOS App NewTec Smart Audio
Subdivision of NewTec SMARTspeakers into zones
Individual volume control
Manage multiple audio sources
Assignment of scenes and sequences
Defining automated processes
Option for remote maintenance access
Unlimited integration of NewTec devices
Easy installation
Reset Function - Restore Factory Settings
Redundancy (Two devices in parallel operation to resilience)
Power supply 100-240 VAC
Article Code 200700
Carton Content NewTec Smart HUB
Power adapter


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