NewTec WiFi



A sound system for highest demands and very easy handling.
CONO canto WiFi is installed very easily and works with all current 3-phase-busbars. No drilling, no speaker cable, no hard work! CONO pendo WiFi is the perfect hanging solution for high and open ceilings. The subwoofer SUB canto WiFi is simply mounted like a lamp into the lighting tracks and provides very large areas with pleasant low frequencies. Just connect the WiFi-speakers via the NewTec WiFi transmitter with any music source and the the music, ready!
The WiFi-speakers are perfect for every new installation, but also for a wireless upgrade, even during day-to-day business. Just perfect for a Point of Sale.


The special cone-shaped geometry of the CONO WiFi Serie roduces a very homogeneous 360°-sound dispersion with HiFi-quality. Room filling sound scape creates a harmonious natural feel-good-world at every listening position. This makes customers feel comfortable, they stay longer and buy more. Just like nature does the unique membrane technology by NewTec distributes all sound information and frequencies smoothly in a wide range. Compared to other products you need less speakers to fill a room with constant great sound with HiFi-quality.


The sound transmission from the transmitter to the speaker’s receiver with 48 kHz and 16 bit ensures HiFi-quality. The straight transfer without intermediate storage produces unadulterated real time music. A solid digital connection at 2,4 GHz ISM Band leads to a great range. Within this range you can use as many speakers you want to, all running absolutely synchronous with only small transmitting power. The volume can be adjusted for each speaker device separately.

For this WiFi Audio solution you do not need any IT-knowledge.

Watch here how easy it is to setup the new transmitter PRO.


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