NewTec WiFi

NewTec SMART Audio

Frequency 2,4 GHz 1,9 GHz
Transmission range 40-70 m 50-120 m
Loudspeaker (Lighting track, wall, ceiling, in-& onceiling) 5 models 9 models
Volume-zones per transmitter 1 unlimited
DSP for better sound quality
Equalizer per loudspeaker
Pre-configurate multiband compressor
Create and naming Volume-groups
Fine-tuning and naming speakers
Volume control per group
Software Update speakers (OTA)
Wireless control
Parallel use of transmitter in the same area
Switching audio sources
Music transmission via LAN
Online Streaming
Connection to EVAC (Mute contact)
Unlimited scalability of audio sources
Unlimited scalability audio zones
Overall control via NewTec Control App
Scheduled daily scene control
Scene changes with one click
Remote access
Remote support
Remote software update