We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products and services here.

NewTec Technology

  • 360° sound dispersion

The special cone-shaped geometry of CONO speakers produces a very homogeneous 360°-sound dispersion. The human ear is very sensitive to sound pressure level changes and sound fields produced by “hot spots” (focused areas with high sound pressure level) and “cold spots” (areas with low noise level). They disturb the user and are counter-productive with regard to the confidentiality requirements and the well-being in stores. With NewTec technology it is different: its special 360° sound dispersion lead to a very harmonious and room filling sound experience.

  • Audio quality

The special cone-shaped geometry of the CONO Series produces a very homogeneous 360°-sound dispersion with HiFi-quality. A room-filling sound scape creates a harmonious natural feel-good atmosphere at every listening position.

  • Number of speakers

Assuming your room height is about 3.5 meters, you can disperse 35 qm with only one CONO speaker. The NewTec subwoofers are able to cover an area of 200 qm. With these parameters you get a perfect room-filling sound scape. If you send us your location plans, we would be happy to advise you on how to position your speakers best.

  • Position of the speaker in the room

The NewTec speaker technology realizes a 360° homogenous sound dispersion. That enables every room a perfect sound scape. We are happy to help you with placing the speakers to the best spots.

  • Equalizer Settings

You will find here the recommended EQ-settings for all NewTec loudspeakers, to have more solid sound with a stronger bassline but smooth in the highs.


  • CONO pendo

Hanging speaker
If you have high or open ceilings or want to hang your speaker freely into the room the CONO pendo is the right choice for you. Its length can be adjusted flexibly. The speaker has to be connected to the power (220 V).

Length adjustment
The length of our CONO pendo can be adjusted very easily in a range of 1.5 meters.

  • CONO canto & SUB canto

Lighting tracks
You can easily clip-in the CONO canto and the SUB canto into the lighting tracks of Nordic Aluminium, Global Track or Eutrac®.

No existing lighting tracks
If you do not have bus bars we recommend monopoints for example by Eutrac®, which are available surface and recessed mounted. You then just clip-in the CONO canto in these monopoints.

WiFi Technology

  • Audio connection with WiFi

Ex factory the transmitter comes with a cable with 3,5 mm stereo jack plug. Depending on your sound source you might need a cynch adapter. The connection to every single audio source is possible (Important: use unreinforced NF signal only)

  • Installation

You can install the NewTec WiFi system without difficulty – even during day-to-day business. Just connect the NewTec WiFi Transmitter with the provided cable to an audio source of your choice. You clip the CONO canto WiFi speaker into an existing lighting track or connect the CONO pendo WiFi to the power and you can start the music distribution. If you use one of our NewTec WiFi Subwoofer (which we recommend for a complete sound pattern), install it on the wall or into the lighting tracks, connect it to the power and it starts running to submit the music.

  • Music sources

You can use every sound source without unreinforced NF signal. The digital amplifier is integrated in the speaker. The transmitter comes with a cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack plug. Depending on your music source you might need a cynch adapter.

  • Music system is already at hand

The NewTec CONO WiFi products and WiFi Subwoofer can easily be installed together with existing systems. Just connect the WiFi transmitter with your existing music source. The music will then be send to the system by cable and additionally wireless to the WiFi speakers. That’s all in high quality and without delay.

  • Music transmission with WiFi

The NewTec WiFi audio solution uses a direct sound transmission with 48 kHz and 16 Bit without delay. This enables a very good HiFi-quality. Quick Setup Video.

  • Number of speakers per transmitter

The NewTec WiFi transmitter has a range up to 70 meters, depending on the individual room conditions. Every speaker within this range can be controlled with only one transmitter.

  • Position of the speaker will be modified

You can change the speakers and subwoofer position without any problems. Once they were connected, they keep their settings.

  • Power breakdown

The audio-settings are saved into the speakers permanently and will automatically be reactivated after a power breakdown.

  • Volume control

Every speaker is configured with the same volume setting. You can modify this individually for each device to your favored settings but also adjust them again all together.

  • WiFi speakers compared to cable solutions

The music quality of a WiFi loudspeaker in comparison with that of a cable one is identical. Cable costs are eliminated for the WiFi speakers. It is also possible to combine or supplement an already cable sound system with WiFi speakers. In this case, the NewTec WiFi transmitter is connected to the existing music source. The music is then played over cable to the existing system and additionally wirelessly, without temporal delay and in high quality, sent to the WiFi speakers.

  • WiFi transmitter range

Thanks to our clever sending-, receiving- and antenna-technology, a very small sending power is enough to enable a great range up to 70 meters. This is possible with a solid digital connection at 2,4 GHz ISM Band. At this range you also have to consider specific architectonical conditions.

  • WiFi Technique

A solid digital connection at 2,4 GHz ISM Band leads to a great range up to 70 meters. Within this range you can use as many speakers you want to, all running absolutely synchronous with only small transmitting power. The volume can be adjusted for each device separately. For this WiFi Audio solution you do not need any IT-knowledge.


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