NewTec Smart Audio for Business

With NewTec Smart Audio starts a new era in the world of speakers and sound systems. It is now possible to respond to individual needs with the help of networked sound systems. Whether in a Hotel, Restaurant, Shop, Office, Fitness studio, Clubs oder even at home − as soon as sound needs to be distributed differently in several rooms, conventional sound systems reach their limits. The NewTec Smart Audio from NewTec is the innovative answer to this issue. This multiroom sound system can supply rooms of all sizes with an unlimited number of speakers – and that, also possible without any cables.

The ideal solution to make your business sound great − guaranteed easy, flexible & limitless!

Use Multiroom individually and delight customers

You would like to treat the wellness area of ​​your hotel to soft sounds, accompany the guests in the restaurant with light background music and provide a lively radio reception in the lobby for a peppy start to the day? No problem for the NewTec Smart Audio. It offers a suitable solution for every scenario – especially for larger areas.

The system consists of active WiFi speakers and scalable control units. With just one device, any number of multiroom speakers, zones and digital audio sources can be individually controlled and managed. So you always have the right sound in stock. Whether the allocation of different music, individual settings such as treble, bass or volume per loudspeaker or the setting up of special audio zones − a separate app can centralise and control various requirements and functions directly on your own smartphone or tablet. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, the app can be used easily and effortlessly right from the very first application. By the way: You can also set up and operate your system without Internet access!

A spontaneous birthday song for a customer in the hotel lounge, a special melody that musically surrounds the wedding request of the guest in the restaurant or a streaming playlist compiled at short notice, which really inspires the regular guest in the fitness area? No problem! A haptic-styled Smart Audio Gateway also allows more accurate and faster fine-tuning. This allows you to integrate any local music source effortlessly and control it directly to react more spontaneously and individually to the most diverse customer wishes and situations.

Benefits with NewTec Smart Audio

As many Speakers as you need

You can connect as many multiroom speakers as you like with just one device. So easily can you give the optimal effect to your sound.

Unlimited number of Zones

An app allows you to set up unlimited audio zones so that each room gets its own individual flair.

Infinite Audio sources

At any time you can connect different audio sources and bring music for any occasion.

Boundless Flexibility

Various requirements and functions can be controlled on a flexible and user-friendly app directly on your own smartphone or tablet.



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