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NewTec Technology

  • 360° sound dispersion

The special cone-shaped geometry of CONO speakers produces a very homogeneous 360°-sound dispersion. Unlike speakers with mechanical deflection, which redirect only a small range of  frequencies, NewTec speakers produce a “original” 360° sound image over all frequencies. The human ear is very sensitive to sound pressure level changes and sound fields produced by “hot spots” (focused areas with high sound pressure level) and “cold spots” (areas with low noise level).  The special 360° sound dispersion of NewTec Design: Audio lead to a very harmonious and room filling sound experience.

  • Audio quality

The special cone-shaped geometry of the CONO Series produces a uniform and not detectable sound dispersion. The very homogeneous 360°- sound scape creates a harmonious room-filling HiFi-quality sound.

  • Number of speakers

Assuming your room height is about 3 to 3.5 meters, you can disperse 36 to 50 sq m with only one CONO speaker obtaining a perfectly homogeneous room-filling sound. The NewTec subwoofers are suitable to cover an area up to 200 sq m with smooth bass tones.  If you send us your location plans, we would be happy to advise you on how to position your speakers best.

  • Position of the speaker in the room

The NewTec speaker technology realizes a 360° homogenous sound dispersion. That enables every room a perfect sound scape. We are happy to help you with placing the speakers to the best spots.

  • Equalizer Settings

You will find here the recommended EQ-settings for all NewTec loudspeakers, to obtain the ideal sound quality.


NewTec SMART wireless technology

  • Music transmission via wireless n-DECT 1,9 GHz

The wireless n-DECT transmission takes place via a direct, delay-free sound transmission with 48 kHz and 16 bit. The sound is transmitted directly from the SMARTplayer to the SMARTspeaker without additional intermediate storage. Highest audio quality is thus achieved without falsification.

  • SMARTplayer Transmission range  

Thanks to sophisticated transmission, reception and antenna technology, a very low transmission power is sufficient to achieve large ranges of up to 120 meters. This is realized with the robust, interference-free n-DECT wireless technology in the worldwide free 1.9 GHz band. The spatial conditions must always be taken into account when determining the range.

  • 1,9 n-DECT technology vs classical WLAN

The new SMART audio products from NewTec Design: Audio combine the advantages of classic WLAN with those of the stable n-DECT radio technology, as music is transmitted via interference-free and stable 1.9 GHz band with the self-developed streaming protocol (n-DECT), while the entire control and operation benefits from all the functions and standards of the (W)LAN. The result is a very easy set-up, interference-free wireless music transmission in CD-quality and maximum range! No IT skills are required for setting up this independent wireless audio solution, although the entire system can be controlled via the in-house network. Whether from a PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone.

  • SMARTplayer Audio plug

A connection cable with a 3.5mm stereo jack plug to Cinch (RCA) is supplied with the transmitter ex works and in addition, an Ethernet cable for the network via which digital content such as web radio or similar can be streamed.

  • Wireless loudspeaker vs. Cable loudspeaker

The music quality of a wireless loudspeaker in comparison to that of a wired loudspeaker is identical, while at the same time avoiding loss of quality due to poor or damaged cables. The cabling is omitted when choosing the SMART wireless solution.

  • Wired music system is already installed (SMARTaudio as integration)

SMARTaudio is designed to extend an already existing wired audio system, which operates as audio source or the SMARTplayer acts as such. In the first scenario the SMARTplayer (Audio IN) is connected to the audio output of the audio system or secondly the audio system is plugged to the audio OUT (Jack 3.5mm) of the SMARTplayer. If the SMARTplayer serves as audio source in addition to the analog music signal, all digital content on the internet such as web radio can be played. It sends the music signal via cable to the wired audio system and simultaneously transmits it wirelessly, without any delay and in highest quality to the SMART speakers.

  • Installation effort

You can set up the NewTec SMART wireless solution during ongoing business operations with little effort. You connect the NewTec SMARTplayer with the supplied cable to an audio source of your choice. Hang the lighting track speakers on the track or, in the case of other SMARTspeaker models (built-in, surface-mounted, wall-mounted loudspeakers), instruct your electrician to connect them to the power supply. Afterwards one keystroke on the supplied remote control is enough to connect all wireless speakers within range. With a second press of the button you end this process and enjoy the sound in your premises.

  • Control using the SMART WebApp

The NewTec SMART WebApp software can be run on all devices (PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.) under all operating systems and is used for flexible configuration of simple to highly complex applications in the simplest possible way.

  • Number of speakers 

The range of the Newtec SMARTplayer is up to 120 meters, whereby the exact range always depends on the exact spatial conditions. All loudspeakers in this radius and field of vision can be operated via a single transmitter. Speakers with poor reception that does not guarantee reliable music playback will not connect. In this case, a second SMARTplayer can be used.

  • Volume control

After installation, all speakers initially have the same volume setting. Each loudspeaker can then be individually adjusted to the desired volume and then controlled from the entire level. This takes into account the acoustics of the room and creates a cozy soundscape.

  • Amplifier

The amplifier of each loudspeaker is located in the speaker itself. The space that is normally required for control and amplifiers (rack in the technical room) is omitted.

  • Changing position of the loudspeakers on a room

The position of the speakers and subwoofers can be changed without any problems anytime. Once connected, the speakers keep all settings.

  • Power breakdown

The audio settings are saved into the speakers permanently and will automatically be reactivated after a power breakdown.


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