Frequent asked questions

How many volume zones can be created with a single SMARTplayer? #

as many as you need


How many speakers can a SMARTplayer supply? #

any number within its radio range


What is the range of the radio signal? #

50-120 meters in sight depending on the architecture


On which frequency is the audio transmission? #

on the interference-free 1.9 GHz band


Do I have control of the WebApp via house-WLAN? #

YES, you can control the audio system with any device that has access to the house’s WiFi (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphones)


Do I need my own network to control my sound system via WebApp? #

NO, the WebApp can be called up via the standard house network, wired via LAN connection or wireless via WLAN


Are my settings are also saved in the WebApp when I use the remote control? #



How many audio inputs does a SMARTplayer have? #

1 analog input (Cinch) and 1 digital input (LAN), on which you can choose between any number of digital inputs


Can I feed in music via Internet? #



Can I also play music via Bluetooth? #

YES, using an additional adapter


If I had to replace a SMARTplayer are all my settings lost? #

NO (Plug and Play) all settings are saved in the SMART speakers. If the loudspeakers cannot find the old transmitter for a certain period of time, they automatically go back to search mode. As soon as you activate pairing mode on the new SMARTplayer, the speakers will log in with the old settings (volume groups, EQ setting, etc.)


How many SMARTplayers can I use simultaneously or in parallel? #

Any number in total or a maximum of 10 within the same radio range


Which operating systems does the SMART WebApp work with? #

The WebApp works independent of the operating system and device, because you access using a browser applications (Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)


Do I have to use the WebApp for installation? #

NO – the speakers are connected to the SMARTplayer fully automatically. You can also adjust the volume of each INDIVIDUAL speaker using the supplied IR remote control by aiming at the desired speaker and regulate the TOTAL volume by aiming the remote control at the SMARTplayer


How can I send the same music to more SMARTplayers? #

using a SMARTstreamer via the local network. Connect the devices to the local network. These are found automatically and you can use the WebApp to select the SMARTstreamer as the desired music source