IKEA, the most innovative furniture store

It has now opened directly at Vienna’s Westbahnhof, where the “Blue House” once stood. The new innovative furniture store from IKEA. Many new innovative solutions in the new furniture store have been integrated to have a positive impact on the climate. Among other things, a total of 160 trees were planted on the house and the building was awarded the GREENPASS® Platinum certificate.

Well-being is key

The 8-storey building with a unique city store concept offers plenty of space for people. In addition to the usual sales areas, a restaurant, a hotel and a green roof terrace are part of the building. The building should be more than a furniture store. The visit no longer serves exclusively to do personal shopping, but intended to invite you to reinvent the “orphaned village square” as the center of social events.

In addition to the offer, the decisive factor for the acceptance of this new concept is the quality of stay, which appeals to all five senses of the visitor and thus makes it a place of well-being, where one likes to come, get things done and therefore stay longer.

NewTec Design:Audio is dedicated to auditory perception

The unique NewTec membrane ensures a 360° omnidirectional sound distribution. The homogeneous sound surfaces are automated and the volume and music content always adapted according to the background noise and the flow of visitors.

Key data of the sound system

Year: 2021

Customer: IKEA

Traffic area: 26.500 m² brutto


  • First IKEA in the heart of a city without a parking space
  • Innovative experience concept of a “meeting place” with the highest comfort factor
  • Rooftop with terraces, seating steps and trees
  • 8 floors with stores, restaurants, café and many “living spaces”
  • Intelligent and fully automated sound system
  • Adjustment of the volume and the content depending on the number of visitors

Address: IKEA Wien Westbahnhof, Europaplatz 1, 1150 Vienna – Austria

Media: © sound.DNA

Project executive: sound.DNA

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