Project – Promenada Mall Bucharest

Making your Point of Sale acoustically interesting, gives you satisfied clients eager to buy more. Many shops do use this psychoacoustical fact in the meantime. But only few shopping malls as a whole count on the power of music to make their public places more attractive.


But the competition grows. Fashion shows, childcare and coffee shops are no more enough to be outstanding from other shopping centers. Here architectural sound with its comfort effect can help.

The owner of Promenada Mall, Raiffeisen Evolution from Austria, did realize this trend and assigned the soundscape-expert NewTec: Design Audio. „We want our areas to impress not only optically, but to give the buyers a feeling of comfort on the acoustical way, too“, says Project Director Alina Puscasu.

„Exactly how strong brands address to their target group with specified music, we want to establish a musicbrand for our shopping center”, Puscasu explains. „And the existing ELA-speakers for security announcements don’t work well to play music on a premium quality level.”

Individually adapted to Promenada mall’s architecture and design objects themselves the NewTec speakers with their 360° sound dispersion now produce a smooth constant sound that stimulates the clients to stay, buy and come again. What more could a shopping center want?

Promenada Mall and Schwartz International Co ltd., who planned and did the sound concept are satisfied. „Despite a rough deadline quality, support and deliver reliability were perfect“, says Florin Bogdan, Project Manager of Schwartz International. The results are impressive in many ways: “People speak in high terms of the speakers’ design and the audio quality.”

All in all there are 210 NewTec-speakers of the types CONO pendo and CONO alto in Promenada Mall. 25.000 people visit the 35.000 m²-center every day to shop on four floors in stores as Peek & Cloppenburg, Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger. Most of them will come again – in a way thanks to the sound of NewTec.

We congratulate Promenada Mall to the great concept and enjoy being the acoustical part of it.

Big shopping mall, many stores or just one boutique – NewTec makes you an offer on how to achieve a full POS.