Press – Striking the right note

Who nowadays runs through German inner cities and shopping centers, can easily notice almost everywhere music and sound. With good reason: the ears are instrumental in the evaluation of rooms, products and services. Music plays an important role in sales.

Music in the sales area can create a positive mood. The customer no longer feels observed and alone with background sounds. In addition, music provides a great way to overlay disturbing noises, to relax the hustle or bustle of customers. It affects the sense of time and “plays” with waiting times – for example at the cash desks.

In the meantime, a large number of studies showed the impact on a prolonged period of residence, product selection, higher sales and the return rate of customers. Sounds and music can even direct the interest to a specific product and strengthen a brand

Music should fit the goods. Classical music makes them appear “more valuable” to the customer. It is thus not only the – alleged – music preference of the customers, but also how well it fits with the goods offer, which is decisive. Broader product groups are highlighted and staged in the retail sector by means of paints and special lighting. This can be supported by digital playback with the right sound.

Important for a positive shopping experience is above all the quality of the sound – for this the loudspeakers are a decisive component…


Read the whole article (in German) here. TASPO Gartenmarkt Edition Nr.49, Dec. 2016.