Project – Hartlauer: the best sound from the very start!

Founded in 1971, the family-owned company Hartlauer is one of Austria’s most important commercial companies. The company is based on the four sectors “Photography”, “Mobile phone”, “Optics” and “Hearing aids”.

Hartlauer, whose headquarters is in Upper Austria, Steyr, currently employs over 1,450 employees in 160 stores. The pillars “optics” and “hearing aids” form an important part of the health care market for the company with the lion in the logo.

In the individual shops, they still worked without background music. This should change, however, since this plays a central role for the purchasing atmosphere.

From 0 to 100 in an instant: We bring in music where there is none yet!:

For the Hartlauer shops, it is important to find a flexible audio solution and create a special, appealing ambience in the business. The NewTec “CONO canto” is the optimal solution. The use in the busbars offers easy assembly in the shortest time without cable laying. The active, wireless speakers have a range of up to 70 meters and produce a very present, unobtrusive, uniform sound distribution at 360°.

NewTec Hartlauer Christian FallmannI am thrilled by the fast and flexible use of the NewTec WiFi system. Design and sound quality speak for themselves,


Christian Fallmann, Project Manager Architecture, Hartlauer.

The NewTec loudspeakers meet all design requirements for the architecture challenges in shops: whether for ceiling installation with the ceiling closed, with an open ceiling or with a special adapter for the busbars – the systems are not recognizable as loudspeakers and can also be integrated directly into lamps as luminaires.

The need to create a specific well-being at different locations (such as the entrance or checkout area) is a particular challenge for any business. Whether loud, soft or bass-heavy music, the NewTec loudspeakers allow to meet these diverse requirements with specific solutions of the highest quality. With NewTec, the customer is in harmony and can feel comfortable!


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