Ceiling-mounted loudspeaker “CONO alto” – Visibly invisible!

Small and fine but great in effect

The ceiling-mounted loudspeaker CONO alto with its extremely wide sound distribution over 360° is a guarantee for high-quality and precise sound reproduction. It is distinguished by the simplest ceiling mounting in an elegant design. The CONO alto is not recognizable as a conventional loudspeaker due to its unique appearance. It does not require any grille, which ensures a clear and precise sound reproduction. Furthermore, with a minimum installation depth of only 45mm, the insert is particularly suitable for very low deck construction.

Due to the homogeneous 360 ° sound distribution, less loudspeakers than usual are required to create a homogenous sound surface.

The CONO alto meets all design requirements.

The CONO alto is an equally functional and aesthetic solution for interiors with walls made of glass, precious wood, natural or colored exposed concrete. Thanks to its timeless design, it fits inconspicuously into the respective architecture. NewTec’s own membrane technology prevents the speaker to be recognised as such. Therefore, no hiding of the loudspeaker is necessary to make it “invisible”.

Comparison of conventional ceiling installation speakers and CONO alto:

CONO alto Ceiling-mounted speaker














The CONO alto offers optimal sound reinforcement for the highest demands. The sound quality is exhausted in a small space and is suitable for all applications – from soft background sound, to conference systems with the highest level of speech intelligibility, to high-quality playback of stereo recordings.

General characteristics of the ceiling-mounted speaker CONO alto:

  • Available in 3 colours: black, silver and white
  • Ceiling installation with low installation depth    
  • If necessary, attachments for installation in concrete ceilings or open ceiling sails
  • Weatherproof and water resistant    
  • High performance plastic recyclable    
  • Form-resistant up to 220 °

Technical characteristics of the CONO alto:

The NewTec CONO alto has been specifically developed as a ceiling – mounted loudspeaker for the high architectural requirements. Due to the cone-shaped diaphragm geometry, a vertical dispersion of up to 180° is achieved even at the highest frequencies. The horizontal radiation is 360°. Its excellent playback quality and sound reproduction are impressive both in voice reproduction and in the reproduction of high-quality stereo recordings. The CONO alto is an excellent loudspeaker system for background music in private rooms, auditoriums, public areas, boutiques, shops, passages, galleries, museums, etc. Also for applications where the highest requrements are demanded by this extremely wide-angle sound distribution and the extraordinary acoustic performance such as conference rooms or video conferencing.

Applies to all NewTec Loudspeakers:

Good acoustics influence the well-being and extend the length of stay in gastronomy, customer-oriented environments or wellness areas.

According to a Study by the University of Vienna, the use of NewTec loudspeakers has resulted in an increase of impulse purchases of more than 20% due to the special 360° technology!


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