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PRO Linie

NewTec Pro200 Lautsprecher PA beschallung Kugellautsprecher Cluster

The PRO line is based on the use of NewTec’s own omnidirectional loudspeaker technology, which naturally forms a spherical sound, similar to nature. The special geometry as well as the material of the loudspeaker diaphragm, in addition to the case construction, plays an essential role in achieving the uniform sound distribution at a full 360°. Disturbing resonances caused by suspension and housing materials in comparable systems are effectively reduced by the use of high-quality and low-resonance materials. This allows the PRO line to produce a perfect sound ball over almost all frequency ranges with just one loudspeaker. Complex control units and control systems are not necessary to optimise the sound distribution artificially. The timeless design and refined finish of the loudspeaker also contribute to simplifying the integration into existing architectures. With a single loudspeaker system, eg the PRO 200, an area of 400 m2 with a room height of up to 20 meters can be evenly filled with high quality sound.

What are cluster speakers or arrays?


Background: Conventional loudspeaker clusters or arrays are a series of loudspeakers in one place. In addition to the need for higher sound pressure, these PA sound reinforcements have been created mainly by the need for a wider horizontal radiation range than what is possible with a single normal loudspeaker. For a radiation range of 360°, 4 loudspeakers are normally required. This leads not only to a disturbing appearance but also to an increased technical effort in the adjustment of the system and the structural engineering measures. The radiated signals of the individual loudspeakers overlap each other depending on the angle, and this leads to constructive or destructive interference, depending on the frequency range, which can lead to amplifications, reductions or even extinction of signals in certain frequency ranges. The goal of producing an even sound in all listening positions is therefore very much dependent on the audio engineer and his experience in the multi-speaker system.

PRO 200 – Cluster with only one speaker

Optimal 360 ° sound distribution

Newtec Design: Audio solves this requirement with a single pendulum loudspeaker of the PRO line, which can be supplied with a standard amplifier.

NewTec Polardiagramm Pro200Polar diagram for PRO 200: The different frequencies (color-coded) are the same in all listening positions and their minimal differences are all within the non-audible range of +/- 3db. This means that each listener perceives the same sound, no matter in which angle it is to the loudspeaker.

Thanks to these unique features and the excellent speech intelligibility of the PRO line, these sound systems are particularly suitable for use in hall-like rooms with high ceilings, where conventional sound reinforcement quickly reaches their limits.


More information about the Pro 200 frequency response here.

Application examples

For example, trade fair halls, shopping centers, churches, vaults and similar premises can be retrofitted with the PRO line for a correspondingly low effort.

In large shopping centers (see figure below), the loudspeakers of the PRO line are primarily suspended and used in lighthouses at heights of 20-30 meters. A single PRO 200 provides sound at the same time fore several floors and is used for the pleasant background sound, as well as for the internal house announcements, which are ineffective without the highest level of intelligibility. This applies not only to shopping centers but also to trade fair halls.

Apart from the fixed installations, the PRO line finds more and more supporters for mobile use – especially when the position of the listeners is not exactly predetermined (for example, public events) and thus stand randomly around the speaker or artist. This usually occurs in speeches and small concerts in the open air. But also for events that do not always take place in the same place and therefore where no fixed installation exists, the characteristics of the line support the sound reinforcement.


Advantages of the PRO Line at a glance:

    • Excellent sound quality
    • No special technical effort is required for 360° sound reinforcement
    • Extremely high speech intelligibility       
    • Elegant design, different color combinations available and also customizable on customer request        
    • Available as a floor, wall or hanging system       
    • Also as a mobile solution        
    • Universally applicable for events of any kind        
    • Weather resistant, suitable for high humidity as well as temperature fluctuations

Applies to all NewTec Loudspeakers:

Good acoustics influence the well-being and extend the length of stay in gastronomy, customer-oriented environments or wellness areas.

According to a Study by the University of Vienna, the use of NewTec loudspeakers has resulted in an increase of impulse purchases of more than 20% due to the special 360° technology!



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Photos: MaxCenter Wels (Austria, T-Hotel (Sardinia, Italy), City Plus Kaufhaus (Linz, Austria)