Project – Xquisit Fashionlounge, Chemnitz

Main Challenge

The redesign of a classic store into a modern and emotional shopping world to support high-quality fashion and shoes.

The Fashion Lounge Xquisit, a novelty in Chemnitz, was opened on October 14, 2016. Personal fashion consultants on-site fulfill the individual wishes and ideas of the customers, which can be adjusted if necessary in the existing alteration tailoring.

On 2,500 sqm of sales space, the Fashionlounge presents the worlds of exclusive brands. “We want to impress with a combination of high-quality labels from the textile and footwear sector,” said Sigrid Hebestreit, CEO of the Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar, whose 100% subsidiary is the fashion lounge Xquisit.

The high sound quality and the design of the systems convinced us immediately, and we were impressed by the support we received from the very beginning, and our high expectations were even surpassed.”, Frank Schellhardt, Head of Object Management at the Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar.

Coordinated design and audio solutions

In line with the goal of transforming a classic store into a modern and emotional shopping environment, the optical and acoustic requirements for the sound solution were also very high. The loudspeakers should fit optically into the ceiling and lean against the design of the light elements.

At the same time, a high-quality, uniform soundscape in hi-fi quality is to accompany the customer through the entire store. To achieve this, the NewTec WiFi loudspeakers have been used for integration into power rails. Thanks to the WiFi technology, each loudspeaker can be precisely adjusted to its position in the room.

Different areas in the store naturally have a different “basic level”, such as the entrance area with noise from the outside, in contrast to the cash area. Due to the unique fine-tuning of the basic volume, these range-specific differences are compensated and the result is the perfect sound dispersion. The music is just as pleasant in the entrance area, in spite of the higher noise level from outside, as in the other quieter business areas.

Since the new fashion lounge Xquisit is architecturally composed of 4 areas, 4 audio zones have been created for these areas. Each individual loudspeaker can be fine tuned. The volume of the respective zone can be controlled as a whole and, if necessary, even different music contents can be reproduced.


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