Project – EDEKA Tamme in Hamburg, Germany

Quality you can hear now.

The Hamburg EDEKA chain store, Lars TAMME, sets a special quality from home. This philosophy is reflected both in the appearance of the three Hamburg premium locations (Airport, Hauptbahnhof and Altona station), as well as in the respective product range within the markets. The in-store music program, the TAMME partner Radio P.O.S., was also developed in accordance with special quality criteria.

As this high standard of quality always includes an eye for innovation and development, Lars Tamme was quickly won over for the use of the sophisticated NewTec products. At first, the NT Wireless CONO canto loudspeakers, as well as the appropriate NT subwoofers, were installed at the Hamburg Airport. Due to the already existing light beams, into which the CONO canto could be optimally integrated, the complete installation did not take even two hours.

Since switching from the “old” to the new Wireless NewTec loudspeakers took place during the opening hours, feedback from customers and staff immediately became apparent. This could then be summarized very well with three letters: WOW!!

Not only was the sound image and the audibility, even in the last corner of the market, could be significantly improved, especially the individual volume control – for each individual loudspeaker – was the highlight for the responsible market leader. The enthusiasm of his employees – as well as his own assessment – convinced Lars Tamme to transfer this innovative standard to the two remaining TAMME locations.

Project Description and Images by Radio P.O.S.