Project – Cinema Kammerlichtspiele in Crailsheim

In collaboration with the Nuvolight company, we recently realised the conversion of the cinema Kammerlichtspiele in Crailsheim. The main challenge was the installation of a WiFi multi-zone system. The speakers are divided into three zones: entrance, lounge and toilets.

With the NewTec audio solution, you can control as many different zones as you have loudspeakers. Within the range of the transmitter (70m), any number of absolutely synchronous running loudspeakers can be used – all at the lowest transmission power.

NewTec WiFi TechnologieNewTec WiFi Technologie

The installation is so easy

Simply power up your speakers, connect WiFi senders to any sound source and play music, done! This independent WiFi audio solution requires no IT knowledge.

Thanks to the innovative NewTec technology, the room can be sounded evenly and with high quality with less loudspeakers.

„ It sounds crystal clear, as always!“ Thomas Hutmann, Project Planner, Nuvolight

Pictures by Nuvolight