CONO pendo: the ceiling-hanging speaker for high and open spaces

The ceiling height and design strongly determine the room acoustics and at the same time limit the use of different loudspeaker types. In the case of rooms in drywall, ceiling-mounted loudspeakers are generally used. But what if there is no such ceiling and the use of a ceiling loudspeaker is not in question?

CONO pendo Pendellautsprecher

Your rooms have a concrete ceiling

The installation of a classical ceiling loudspeaker in a concrete floor must be planned in advance and must be considered during construction. Appropriate mounting frames must be inserted into the ceiling.

The CONO pendo can be fixed directly into the ceiling, and offers a visual protection for the attachment.

Your rooms have a very high ceiling (5 meters or more)

The use of the classical built-in loudspeaker at this height brings about acoustic disadvantages such as echoes effects due to the distance from the listener.

The length of the suspension of the CONO pendo can be set according to the desired distance from the ceiling and the acoustic result is therefore optimised.

Your rooms have a “luminaire ceiling” (ceilings consist of lamps)

The lighting elements, such as pendulum lights, suspended power rails, or other suspended light elements, create their own ceilings.

The height and position of the CONO pendo is adjusted to the height and position of the luminaires and provides an optical symbiosis of light and sound.

GENERAL Features of the CONO pendo

  • Available in 3 colors: black, silver and white.
  • Available as cable and WiFi version.
  • The length of the cables can be adjusted individually
  • High performance plastic recyclable
  • Form-resistant up to 220 °

Applies to all NewTec Loudspeakers:

According to a Study by the University of Vienna, the use of NewTec loudspeakers has resulted in an increase of impulse purchases of more than 20% due to the special 360° technology!

More information about the CONO pendo here.