Wireless NewTec WiFi Soundsystem: Ideal for light track installation!

In the loudspeaker jungle it is sometimes difficult to find the optimal sound solution.

And not all wireless speakers can achieve the same quality. Some have a super sound, but a very short range, others function only as a stand-alone system and are not expandable in several rooms.


The wireless NewTec WiFi soundsystem at a glance:

NewTec Drahtlose Musikanlage


  • Aktive wireless speaker

Music transmission and volume control without cable routing. Wireless transmission from any music source thanks to our WiFi technology. Optimal range of up to 70 meters with an unlimited number of loudspeakers per transmitter.



  • Short installation time

With the NewTec wireless technology, you save up to 95% installation time for the CONO canto (model for installation in light track systems) and 80% for the CONO pendo (ceiling-mounted speaker):

No drilling, no speaker cables, no manual work.
Simply clip in and ready!

High quality sound system NewTec



  • High sound quality

The special cone-shaped geometry of the CONO WiFi series produces a very present, not locatable, even, 360° sound dispersion.



More information at www.newtec-wifi.com/en