Project – VIP Ski Lounge in Serfaus, Tirol


The implementation of sound and atmospheric lighting in top-class restaurants and lounges admittedly is nothing new. But if this unique VIP lounge is Europe’s first ski lounge and located at 2.000 meters altitude, it is indeed a great challenge. The concept is quite simple: Tired skiers exchange their uncomfortable ski boots for warm felt slippers and luxuriate in the stylish ambience of the lounge.

Installing the system at this altitude, however, also involved another difficulty: The demand for sound and light in the area of the sun terrace was another challenging task for the planners and product developers. The altitude of the ski lounge as well as temperatures below freezing during the winter months require a solution that is weather resistant and withstands the temperature differences between nighttime chill and daytime sunshine.

The integration of collector heating in the resonant body – decoupled and insulated from the enclosure – allows both sound and the use of accentuated lighting at any time of day. The solution provides an operating temperature range from -30° to + 50°C.

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CONO alto: Ceiling mounted loud speaker
Lounge and snack bar, lift landing and entrance area
CONO duo: Wall mounted loud speaker with two way system
Fireplace lounge, bar, snack bar, waiting areas – modified for highest performance
CONO solo: Wall mounted loud speaker – Lounge, snack bar and lounging area
CONO solo LED: Symbiosis of light and sound – Outdoor lounge / sun terrace