Project – Hotel Adler Thermae Toscana

Harmony of Body and Soul

Embedded in the romantic landscape of Val d’Orcia, the Hotel Adler Thermae offers a perfect combination of relaxing holiday resort and rejuvenating health spa.

Physioacoustic findings confirm that pleasant atmospheric background sound creates an appealing environment that invites to linger. The soft sound fingerprint is produced using a novel, conical aluminium membrane. The combination of material and technology achieves a comfortable, uniform sound dispersion with truly impressive results.

The travertine stone design that is typical of the Mediterranean adds a distinctive flair to the indoor and outdoor areas. Consequently, the sound source should not be visible, but match the surroundings in shape and color. Besides the visual appearance, the material itself also plays a decisive part. The salty air of the salt grotto, changing temperatures and air humidity levels in the sauna area as well as outdoor application require the use of durable and dimensionally stable products. In addition, all requirements from smooth background sound up to high-fidelity stereo reproductions have to be met. The restrained design of the Cono line perfectly satisfies these demands. With its great versatility it adapts to all application areas.

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CONO solo: Wall mounted loud speaker
CONO duo: Wall mounted loud speaker with two way system
CONO alto: Ceiling mounted loud speaker
CONO pendo: Pendant loud speaker
Lobby, catering areas, lounging areas, wellness area – indoors and outdoors
Pro 100: Pendant loud speaker in the fitness area