The perfect sound system for every company


NewTec SMART Audio is the right solution for any company size and any complex sound situation. The modular structure of the wireless system means that you’ll get always the perfect combination to suit you - and operating your sound system, however large it is, remains totally simple.



Small Retail Store

Keep a powerful sound with state-of-the-art speakers even when space is at a premium! The NewTec SMART Audio product line offers wireless speakers that can be installed with minimal effort – even with low ceilings – and in just a few moments. Controlling the system is child's play with our intuitive WebApp or via NewTec remote control.

1 x SMARTplayer

Medium Catering & Hotel Industry

Do you have different areas in your company that you want to fill with different music or different volumes? The wireless speakers of the SMART Audio series can be easily divided into different zones with the help of a WebApp, and controlled centrally. Relaxed music at reception, lively sounds in the bar, and cool jazz in the restaurant? With SMART Audio you always have the sound situation at your business under control. Simple, professional and, of course cable-free.

1 x SMARTplayer (per area)
1 x SMARTstreamer

Large Shopping-Center & Malls

It’s never been easier to provide high-quality sound for large building complexes such as shopping centres! With SMART Audio, any number of wireless speakers can be connected, grouped together and independently controlled in an unlimited number of rooms. With just a single app, you have everything at a glance at all times, and you can set many details of your sound system individually. Do you have recurring processes? With the help of the NewTec SMART Control App, you can set them up and run them fully automatically.

1 x SMARTplayer (per area)
1 x SMARTstreamer
1 x SMARThub



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